Weird things people have left behind in an Uber

Forget keys, diary and even wallet. People around the world have left unusual and weird items in an Uber.

Ok! Let us just admit it! We all have left something behind once in a rental car service. And as soon as the car flies away, you suddenly remember it. The most common items that you are most likely to leave in a taxi would be a phone, keys, wallet etc. But there are many amongst us who are a bit more unique and left some really weird and unusual stuff in an Uber. To give acknowledgement to all those forgetful riders, Uber releases annual “Lost and Find Index”, which give us an insightful glimpse of what passengers have left behind in Uber.

Mac and Cheese and Bundt tins

Clearly, a baker had a rough day; he or she has no Bundt tins to bake the cake and also no food. But it can be a seller too as the number of Bundt tins was 22. And the answer is still shrouded in mystery.

An ankle monitor

To be precise, it was just a part of an ankle monitor. Did a runaway escape from a house arrest? Let us contemplate a number of scenarios.

A painting of Duchess of Cambridge

Interestingly, the rider left behind two paintings; one was of Kate Middleton, and the other one was a small painting of Grim Reaper. Isn’t that the world’s most baffling combination of paintings?

A pinata and a unicorn tail

Maybe unicorn tail and pinata was a part of a little girl’s party. And we feel so sad for that little girl.

An autographed image

Some people even lose their prized possession in an Uber. One such possession that came to light was an autographed and framed picture of Beauty and the beast in a plastic bag.

A popcorn bucket

Now, this was no ordinary bucket but a Disney popcorn bucket and ask any Disney fan what a great collectible a Disney World popcorn bucket would be.

Medical Scissors

We sincerely hope that the medical practitioner found a replacement for his hospital scissors. But what he was doing with them in his pocket is a subject of great mystery.

You can get the detailed list on Uber’s blog and while we are on this subject, let us ask you what is the most unusual thing you have left behind in an Uber?